Enemies of Passion
Let me offer you three common causes of fatigue in the life of both Church and believers:

1. Compromise fatigue: This is where we face the pressures to fit in, be accepted, to not make waves, to be silent when we should speak up, to be more like the world than like Christ. Ultimately it leads to us giving in, which in turns leads to spiritual fatigue.

2. Compression fatigue: This is where we face the continuing pressures of life weighing down on us, and because we are trying to hold up under the load with our own strength, eventually we give out, which, once again leads to spiritual fatigue.

3. Comparison fatigue: This is where we are constantly looking at everyone else and wondering why we can’t have what they have, do what they do, be what they are. We become convinced that there is a place where the “grass is greener” and we eventually give up, which is another way of describing spiritual fatigue

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