Glorious Power Church

We are here to serve the purposes of God in our generation.

Glorious Power Church was founded in 2017 and is under the patronage of Pastor Lucy Paynter. It is in North Chelmsford, M.A.

Weaved together as a community of believers, Glorious Power Church is on a mission to serve the purposes of God in our generation. We believe some of us may have taken wrong paths in our lives because of truth oblivion, but this can be reversed by choosing the right ways where we get to experience the power and glory of Christ. We are nurturing a culture of taking a halt and taking thought about our lives, and it is this discovery that will lead us to the paths designed by God.

In this undertaking, we are guided by our call to salvage our community and our youths.

Glorious Power Church is a spiritual hub engineered towards discovery about the importance of having a firm grasp on both our general and specific purpose as we go through life and its many storms. Our calling as a church is to bring together troubled souls to seek the face of God and experience the goodness of his grace.