Serving The purposes of God in our Generation

Glorious Power Church

We are here to serve the purposes of God in our generation.

Glorious Power Church was founded in 2017 and is under the patronage of Pastor Lucy Paynter. It is in North Chelmsford, M.A.

Weaved together as a community of believers, Glorious Power Church is on a mission to serve the purposes of God in our generation. The church believes some of us may have taken wrong paths in our lives because of truth oblivion, but this can be reversed by choosing the right ways where we get to experience the power and glory of Christ. We are nurturing a culture of taking a halt and taking thought about our lives, and it is this discovery that will lead us to the paths designed by God.

In this undertaking, we are guided by our call to salvage our community and our youths. We are living in dangerous times when almost every aspect of the world can shake and destroy our communities and the family which is the basic unit of a community. Glorious Power Church works tirelessly in ensuring that the family values are not lost as has been the case. The gospel to the world has taken away the time and need for family values which in their absence, a family cannot stand on its own; it is bound to breakdown. We teach the thought that the greatest reward can only be found within the family and so shall it be the only unit in a community that stands with one during trying moments that are part of life.

In summary by Apostle Luke, he depicts that society /community begins from each family of a church member. A community is a mirror of what kind of values are entrenched in a family and the world today; our communities suffer from the destruction of what was once our family values and moral teachings on how to keep low-income families. It has spread like wildfire, and it is high time we took thought and ponder over what kind of value we advocate for as a family. By doing this, we will be changing our communities in ways that will put us on paths designed by Jesus Christ.

Appreciating that youthfulness is not just the future but God’s Gift, Glorious Power Church has emphasized youth ministry with a view to creating a sense of purpose and a calling for them in the gospel. The youth ministry provides a platform where gifts and talents are nurtured and make them appreciate their participation in a community of believers in Christ besides letting them know that they are the force of history in the gospel.

Our ministry also focuses on illuminating the lives of our youths inspired by the fact that their lives are under imminent threats and distress from economic and social spheres. Many times, they feel edged out because the two spheres do not respond to their needs as per their wishes and they fall off the way. They are in our hearts, and we have worked through them to ensure that they are in our church as well. They have become part of our church community because we make them understand they have roles to play too in the continuity of the gospel. They have five functions which are: Creators, consumers, connectors, carriers, and caretakers. In the execution of each of the roles, they grow spiritually and socially. They appreciate the value of being a youth with strong links in the church and youth who can take control of his life spiritually and guide others towards the right paths as dictated by Christ.

Glorious Power Church is a spiritual hub engineered towards discovery about the importance of having a firm grasp on both our general and specific purpose as we go through life and its many storms. Our calling as a church is to bring together troubled souls to seek the face of God and experience the goodness of his grace.

In the journey of discovery, therein lies our vision which is to nurture creativity. The center of humanity and nature is creativity – it is from the creative mind of God that we are in existence. Creativity is the epicenter of life. It is an ingredient that spurs our dreams and imaginations into reality and as a spiritual powerhouse; we play a significant role in ensuring dreams come true. Our gospel for creativity is driven by four pillars namely: Thinking outside the box, Innovation, Networking, and Embracing creativity as a gift.

A typical box is synonymous with a limited mentality of a human being, and unless one thinks beyond its confines, new ideas will always be a mirage. Innovation, on the other hand, drives the curious souls who will stop at nothing to achieve growth even in the unknown. These are the people who rock the business world-they tap into new market openings and success is always their second name. Thirdly, creativity settles squarely as both a gift and a prerogative in the sense that we should use it to make the world better. Lastly, networking is the push-button for those whose drive every morning is creativity. It gets them to a place they would have never reached without the links.

Pieced together and well-thought-out, the four driving points kick-start a journey towards molding a Christian who lives a life crowned with his capabilities. In short, one lives a life full of bliss and void of regrets simply because your purpose in life is discovered and exploited to the minimum best while still appreciating the power and glory of God.

Glorious Power Church believes in the call to a few things all wrapped around the power of creativity. We believe that the discovery of talent is an integral part of the spiritual growth of a human being since all talents are God-given. Additionally, we are staunch believers in that maximum utilization of these talents is a way of fulfilling our God-given purposes and mandates.

Therefore, as we yearn to do God’s will, we should cultivate a culture to grow our desires to improve our creativity and fulfill God’s purpose and mandate he has bestowed on us. Let creativity be our portion.