Pastor Lucy Paynter is the Pastor and Founder of Glorious Power Church.

Dear Partners, Family and Friends of Glorious Power Church, as we continue to serve the Purposes of God in our Generations, always remember; Creativity is a God-given gift to humanity in furtherance with God’s cause. It is a biblical truth that man was created in the image and likeness of God; and that God is the creator – the epitome of creativity. Hence, I always believe that when one utilizes the creative genius within them, they are fulfilling their God-given purposes and mandates. That is why I say that creativity is both a gift and a prerogative. As such, as we hunger to do God’s will, so should we desire to improve our creativity. Thus, strategies such as idea networking are essential to humanity since it triggers our creative faculties into work. It is a strategy that has been utilized by the corporate world – people such as Branson and Jobs knew and know the value of creativity and innovations. Their billion-dollar turnovers vindicate them!

As God thought of the world and created it; so is my wish that we will think of great, useful, and beautiful things and make them come to be. May creativity be your portion. God bless you…


Pastor Lucy is also a Pod-caster, Author, Pastor, Mental Health and Emotional Wellness Counselor, Mother, Wife, Friend, Daughter, Sister, Inspirational Pacesetter.

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