Our ministries help us achieve our goal of serving the purposes of God in our Generation. We empower all people through structured meetings and events throughout the year. Join a department that fits you and get empowered to continue serving His purpose.

Kids & Youth

Empowering future generations to grow closer to and get excited for God.

Protocol & Hospitality

Sometimes, the simplest tasks can have the most profound impact.

Evangelism & Outreach

Go out in the community to create disciples and help those in need.

Intercession & Prayer

Organize the intercessory and prayer group so that it’s well nurtured.

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Security & Logistics

Ensure every person who attends the church has a safe and remarkable guest experience.

Women’s Ministry

Together, women in the congregation and community will grow in faith as Christian disciples.

Men’s Ministry

Together, men in the congregation and community will grow in faith as Christian disciples.

Media & Communications

Communicate internally and externally so that members and others will understand and become interested in performing in the mission and vision of the church.

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Praise & Worship

Lead the congregation in providing opportunities for worship celebrations that focus on God, help people of all ages grow in their understanding of the gospel, and become better equipped for daily living as faithful disciples.

Secretary & Ministry Assistance

The secretary is responsible for greeting and providing information to all people entering the church office and directing them to their proper destination.

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